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    Sochi Olympics

    The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics commence in a couple of days. The big question is-- will the most expensive Olympics be a triumph or a disaster? Reports show corruption running rampant, terrorist threats pose a high risk and many venues are not even ready to open. Time will tell, but for now, one thing gets high ratings-- Russian president, Vladimir Putin's ego, as uniquely shown in this caricature commentary on the upcoming games by the talented, Val Bochkov.

    Superbowl XLVIII


    New Jersey often gets a bad rap. But pop culture loves New Jersey-- The Sopranos, Bruce Springsteen, Boardwalk Empire, etc. And now, they can add a Superbowl to their list of claims to fame. As a way to celebrate The New York/New Jersey Superbowl XLVIII, Jim Haynes has created an illustrated map for the Wall Street Journal to commemorate the Meadowlands. This map memorializes the "Garden State" from its pirate history to recent bridge related events.

    RIP Nelson Mandela

    18 July 1918- 5 December 2013

    The World lost a great leader yesterday. He will be greatly missed.

    We mourn the loss. Nelson Mandela, the world needs more people like you!!



    "Rock-a-billy Bo'sun" Art and music by William Brown.



    Popular culture tends to trends. Vampires were the rage, then werewolves. And now it's Zombies. With the popularity of AMC's The Walking Dead, it seems likely that we will see more zombies infiltrating our media as vampires, perhaps not as immortal as believed, begin to die out. Ad campaigns, young adult books and graphic novels are sure to capitalize on this trend. Zombies may not be as sexy as vampires, but they should be around for a while as art directors figure out how to glamorize and use them. WIlliam Brown has taken this theme and created a series of "occupational zombies" to show what might become of us in the future.