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    • The Toughest Cowboy: or How the Wild West Was Tamed (Bccb Blue Ribbon Picture Book Awards (Awards))
      by John Frank
      Title: The Toughest Cowboy: or How the Wild West Was Tamed
      Author: John Frank
      Genre: Children's Picture Book
      Artist: Zachary Pullen
      Description: How do you tame the roughest pack of cowpokes ever to ride the open range? Get them a poodle!!
      Honors/Awards: Bccb Blue Ribbon Picture Book Award.

      *[STAR] The Toughest Cowboy: Or How the West Was Tamed
      by John Frank, illustrated by Zachary Pullen
      (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; August 2004; 0689834616; Summer catalog page 34)

      "Tall tales this enjoyable are hard to find. . . . Children will revel in the descriptive language. . . and exaggerated metaphors and similes. Gross visual and verbal jokes about ('S'not the point'). The oil-rendered paintings are spot-on renditions of the Wild West and will transport the audience to the Big Sky Country of the 1860s. Close-ups of faces are larger than life. Readers will return to this one again and again to catch all of the humor and nuances of both the text and illustrations. A strong first purchase that is suited to independent reading and sharing aloud."

      The Toughest Cowboy was featured on NBC's hit Television show, Medium, in an episode entitled "The Other Side Of the Tracks", aired 3/14/05


    • The Greatest Game Ever Played
      by Phil Bildner


      Title: The Greatest Game Ever Played
      Author: author
      Genre: Children Book Sports
      Artist: Zachary Pullen
      Description: The 1958 NFL championship game is known to football fans as the "Greatest Game Ever Played." Featuring gridiron legends like Johnny Unitas, Frank Gifford, and Vince Lombardi, the Game marked the beginning of America’s infatuation with professional football. Now, Phil Bildner tells a heartwarming father-and-son story against the backdrop of this historic moment.When the New York Giants baseball team moves to San Francisco, young Sam discovers the other New York Giants—the football Giants. He convinces his skeptical Pop to come with him to the Game, and as Johnny Unitas engineers Baltimore’s legendary comeback, Sam and Pop rediscover the joy of rooting on their heroes together.
      Release Date: August 2006


    • Josefina Javelina: A Hairy Tale
      by Susan Lowell
      Title: Josefina Javelina
      Genre: Children's Picture Book
      Artist: Bruce Macpherson
      Description: Josefina Javelina longs to be a ballerina. So she packs up her concertina and leaves her favorite little cantina to go to Pasadena to visit her cousin Angelina. From the desert to the city, a wild adventure ensues as Josefina puts some dip in her hip and some slide in her glide on her way to the big time-- a long, long way from home. But not even Coyote, with his wily tricks, can get this javelina down.


    • Thank You, Aunt Tallulah!
      by Carmela Lavigna Coyle
      Title: Thank You, Aunt Tallulah
      Author: Carmela LaVigna Coyle
      Genre: Children's Books, ages 4-8
      Artist: Bruce Macpherson
      Description: It is 99 degrees at Camp Oogie-Waa-Waa and Aunt Tallulah’s latest goody package for Bettina has arrived from Antarctica. Will it be another long, fluffy scarf? A pair of six-fingered gloves? A nice, warm hat? Everybody should have an Aunt Tallulah—maybe some of you do! Even through a series of hilarious mishaps, Bettina and her Aunt Tallulah are ever so appreciative to have each other. Follow along as love, silliness, and surprises are exchanged through the mail between Bettina and her nutty aunt in this wonderful story.
      Release Date: March 1, 2006


    • Panda and Polar Bear (Junior Library Guild Selection)
      by Matthew Baek
      Title: Panda and Polar Bear
      Author: author
      Genre: Children's Book
      Artist: Matthew Baek
      Description: PreSchool-Grade 1–In a mysterious location, pandas live at the base of a tall cliff, while polar bears reside at the top, so they never meet. Then a curious polar bear cub falls off the edge into a mud puddle, giving him pandalike markings. He meets a splotchy cub and they enjoy playing together, until the polar bear's muddy spots are washed off after a swim. The polar bear worries that the bear, which he learns is a panda, will not want to be friends now that their differences are known. To the contrary, the young panda is fascinated by the polar bear's stories of snow and, as he describes his habitat, he grows homesick. Working together, the two build a ladder out of bamboo, allowing each to visit the other's home, which readers learn on the last spread is in a zoo. The muted watercolors of spot art and spreads perfectly evoke the playful energy of the young animals in their respective environs. The lesson that we can get along despite our differences is presented in an age-appropriate and lighthearted manner in this simple and delightful tale.–Rachel G. Payne, Brooklyn Public Library, NY
      Honors/Awards: Junior Library Guild Selection
      Release Date: June, 2009