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    Artists Gallery


    • Be Gentle With the Dog Dear
      by Matthew Baek


      Title: Be Gentle With The Dog, Dear
      Author: Matthew Baek
      Genre: Children's Book
      Artist: Matthew Baek
      Honors/Awards: honors
      Release Date: May 2008


    • In God's Hands
      by Lawrence Kushner, Gary D. Schmidt


      Title: In God's Hands
      Author: Lawrence Kushner, Gary Schmidt, Gary D. Schmidt
      Genre: Children's Picture Book/Religion
      Artist: Matthew Baek
      Description: A delightful, timeless legend based on Jewish tradition, In God's Hands tells of the ordinary miracles that occur when we really, truly open our eyes to the world around us.
    • Surfer of the Century: The Life of Duke Kahanamoku
      by Ellie Crowe
      Title: Surfer of the Century
      Author: author
      Genre: Children's Book
      Artist: Richard Waldrep
      Description: Surfer of the Century brings to life the determination, courage in adversity, and good sportsmanship of Duke Kahanamoku, one of the great surfers of history.
      Honors/Awards: Gr 3-6-This picture-book biography celebrates the life of a champion swimmer and surfer. The athlete's life spanned a key period in Hawaii as it grew from a sleepy rural backwater to a tourist mecca. Kahanamoku grew up in and on the water in his hometown of Waikiki. His natural swimming abilities soon attracted a coach, and he began to train for the 1912 Olympics. In a race in August, 1911, he shattered swim records, but the Amateur Athlete Union would not recognize his accomplishment because it found his times too amazing to be believed. Nonetheless, he earned the right to compete in the Olympics where he won gold and became friends with Jim Thorpe. Kahanamoku also did much to popularize the sport of surfing through his travels and his later career. This appreciative biography does a fine job of summarizing his accomplishments. Crowe depicts his encounters with racial discrimination with sensitivity, underscoring the courage and character he developed to face these setbacks. The text is concise and readable, ably supported by Waldrep's full-page color art on every spread. These vibrant, action-filled illustrations, reminiscent of old-fashioned travel postcards, add much to the book's overall appeal. Well researched and fact-filled, this book will appeal to a wide audience of general readers
    • A Walrus in the Lunch Line (Volume 1)
      by Brad Closson

      Illustrated by Jim Haynes

      Product Description

      Have you ever had one of those funny days, when everything seems upside down? What if you woke up and animals were everywhere? This is the story of a boy who gets to spend a day with all the animals of the world. Enjoy our story. 

    • The Shadow Thieves (Cronus Chronicles)
      by Anne Ursu


      Title: The Shadow Thieves
      Genre: Young Readers, Fiction
      Cover and interior illustrations by: Eric Fortune
      Release Date: March 2006