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    John Corbitt began his career as an illustrator over 25 years ago, but he has been an illustrator all his life. Who knew that drawing all those Charlie Brown characters, Marvel super heroes and Frazetta women when he was a boy would translate into becoming a successful illustrator who has worked for some of the nation's best magazines, book publishers and product companies?
    Shortly after getting out of the Air Force in the mid 80s, he showed his portfolio to a newspaper art director who gave John a chance to actually be paid for doing something he loved doing anyway. The illustration awards he won in those first couple of years led to other job offers which led to other opportunities for clients outside the newspaper industry.
    Soon magazines like TIME, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Vanity Fair, Reader's Digest, Sports Illustrated for Kids, AARP, among others, began calling. John's ability to solve an abstract problem with conceptual solutions and a good sense of humor when needed are the reasons they continue to use up his cell phone minutes.
    For the last several years, John has added motion to his illustrations by creating short animations and motion graphics because he loves art that moves. So much so that in his past time, he creates marionettes for children's theaters.
    And though John's talents as an illustrator have matured over the years, he still loves a good Marvel comic book now and then.